Food Trucks

Food Trucks can be customized to sell virtually any type of product, not just food. Think of it as a mobile kitchen or even an office on wheels! These double decker food trucks provide enough room to handle an incredible array of tasks, such as cooking, printing, bar-tending, catering, retail sales, and even playing arcade games! The sky is the limit!

What will we do for you?

  • We'll help you select the right bus for your desired operation
  • We'll work with you to ensure your bus will pass all local health and fire codes, and other bylaws valid in your city (county) or future place of operation
  • We will provide customer support and service before start of build, during, and most importantly, after your build out is completed.


  • If the bus will be mobile, we will select and train drivers to operate your bus, if desired
  • We'll equip your bus with with appropriate kitchen gadgets and all the other necessities to start your operation


We love what we do!

And we take our job seriously. We are excited to bring these iconic British buses to the US!

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