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We specialize in transportation,

tourism and other related industries.

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We're experts

in double deckers!

Our personnel has close to 30 years of experience in this field. Our top manager has started city tour business in four Canadian and US cities.

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We're more than

just buses!

We can design, create and print marketing and advertising materials

that will make you stand out

from the crowd!

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Everything from sports teams

to restaurants!

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we can set you up as an independent tour operator or your can run the tours under our Big Bus/US Bus name and logo (trademarked) as a franchisee.

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Sports and

team buses

Many of the soccer, football and hockey and basketball teams around the world have their own bus. Most of these buses are Double Decker original English vehicles.

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the buses are so versatile!

Double Decker Buses are iconic vehicles undoubtedly associated with British Isles.  They are also used in many places around the globe where British people were active. Our company can now bring these iconic buses to the US!


The usage possibilities of Double Decker buses are endless. To give you some examples, this type of vehicle was has been converted to be used as a barber shop, mobile library, flower shop and even a small kindergarten.


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