Sports team buses

Many of the soccer, football and hockey and basketball teams around the world have their own bus. Decorated with vinyl wraps depicting some players or even photos from a game; this bus is quite a promotional tool.  Most of these buses are Double Decker original English vehicles.

Buses can be used for carrying players around or participating in a victory parade, picking up VIP guests and taking them to and from games. Some teams park their bus before the game in front of the stadium. This vehicle is also a good tool when recruiting new prospective young players.

US Bus now offers the possibility to acquire such a bus. We can import, modify and also arrange running of such a bus for your sport club. Having long time experience with this type of bus, we can manage all aspects of this project.

We love what we do!

And we take our job seriously. We are excited to bring these iconic British buses to the US!

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