tour operations

If you interested in going into the tour business, especially city tours, our personnel has close to 30 years of experience in this field. Our top manager has started city tour business in several Canadian and US cities.


We can get you different buses according to your specific situation (smaller buses, trolleys, double decker open tops, etc.) We can even acquire amphibious vehicles!


What can we do for you?

  • Map your city and create a short feasibility study of the place you wish to operate in
  • Create a tour route, including all important sights and venues in your city
  • Exploring other tour possibilities in your region, like thematic oriented tours and excursions for schools, etc
  • Create and write a professional tour cometary -- we can even provide professionally recorded and edited audio (optional)
  • Select suitable buses for the tours, purchasing buses and delivering them to the destination & any necessary refurbishments


  • Designing signs, logos, brochures/maps and other necessary marketing materials
  • Setting up ticket selling system OCTAL CARDS, using our own custom designed system (NFC technology)
  • Our staff will always coach and advise you in daily operations. In case of a franchise relationship, we will give you full support according to the franchise agreement.
  • Choosing and hiring drivers to drive right hand drive vehicles. Training selected drivers
  • Hiring and training sales staff and bus assistants
  • Training your sales staff on OCTAL CARDS


We love what we do!

And we take our job seriously. We are excited to bring these iconic British buses to the US!

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